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Some people think of SEO as magician’s work, but we’re going to share with you some practical SEO tips for anyone. Even if you’re a beginner, these tips can help you! If you didn’t catch our last blog post, Top SEO Tips- An Interview with an SEO Expert, check it out now. Between these two posts, we want to give you plenty of practical SEO tips that you can implement to increase your page visits and search engine ranking status. We hope that we can help you take some of the mystery out of SEO!

Last time, we interviewed Joe Grech, Lifedge’s SEO expert. He shared with us a couple of things any company can do to improve SEO, his favorite tools, and some insider’s knowledge on paid SEO. This time, we’re going to clue you in on a few more practical tools that Joe uses for almost all of his clients, and that you can use, too!

Google My Business

Ever miss the yellow pages? Google My Business is similar to the old yellow pages—but free! Setting up your Google My Business account is a great way to help your brand and your pages rank higher online. It also makes it super easy for potential customers to find out lots of necessary information in one glance.

When a user searches something on Google, Google brings up pages and businesses that are engaged and active. When you play by Google’s rules, they’ll reward you. Managing your Google My Business page well is one of the top ways to do this.

You can set up or manage your page here. Take the time to set up your hours, menu, a link to your site, and any other information about your business. Respond to reviews. Upload photos, tagging them with your location and company name. Share posts, such as events or blog posts. All of these actions signal to Google that you are an active business.

Geotag & name your photos

While you’re working on your Google My Business page, be sure to geotag your photos. This way, when someone does a search such as, “digital marketing company near me”, your business will come up. Geotagging allows people to find your physical proximity, which is a huge boost for your business. For geotagging help, check out this video.

Also, be sure to name your images for SEO. This can include adding your company name, location, or a short description of your business.

Google Search Console tools

Google Search Console has tons of great features to give you insight about your site. One of the most helpful parts of Google Search Console is that it will show you how many times one of your landing pages appeared in a search. You can set up this feature to show you results from the last week, the last month, the last three months, etc.

For example, using this tool, Google can show you how many times people searched “Digital marketing Grand Rapids Michigan”. Then, it will show you how many times people clicked on the link to your site, and it will give you your site’s page ranking on Google. This knowledge can help you adjust your keywords to rank higher and be seen more. You’ll want to work on ranking for generic phrases such as “digital marketing”, rather than your company name (i.e. “Lifedge”).

Create new content

Often, people build a new website and think that they’re finished. However, if you want an effective site, think again! Websites need new content. When you consistently add new content to your site, this signals to Google to continue searching and thus ranking your site. Very active sites, such as large newspaper sites, are generally searched by Google approximately every 2 minutes. Stagnant sites get searched about every 10-12 days. Update your site, add blog posts, and stay active so that search engines continue to search and rank your site often.

Keep up the great work!

Whether you’re a seasoned web-owner or just starting out, we think these practical SEO tips can help anyone improve their site rankings. Keeping up with your site takes work, but it’s all worth it when you see the results. 

If you’d like a free SEO assessment of your website, reach out to us here! With our professional SEO services, our clients have seen significant increases in site visits, ranking results, and ultimately, more calls for services. If you’re interested in learning more about how Lifedge can help you with search engine optimization, contact us today.

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