Top Graphic Design Tips
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Having quality graphics is a necessity when it comes to creating a clean, well-designed website, social media post, marketing email, or just about anything else. When your graphics are clear and eye-catching, your visitors will be more likely to stay longer and look around. We’re going to share some of our top graphic design tips that will help make your digital marketing more welcoming and easier to use for your customers.

1. Be consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to graphic design! Graphics are a major way that customers come to recognize your brand. If your colors, fonts, and designs are always changing, you’ll lose brand recognition. Besides this, anything you design will look inconsistent and confusing. Whether you’re working on your website, social media pages, or anything else, pick a theme and stick with it!

2. Keep it simple

You may be feeling fancy, but you don’t want to overwhelm your audience in your graphic design. When you keep things simple, it allows your audience to easily take in and process your content. Get rid of unnecessary distractions so that your viewers can focus on what’s important. Less is more!

3. Use white space

White space allows the brain to more easily discern what information is most important. If your design is packed full of color, it’s much more likely that the main message will get lost or seem unclear. Use white space to balance your elements and organize your content so that your audience can easily understand it.

4. Limit your number of fonts

Remember point number one? Limiting your fonts is one way to help keep your designs consistent across the board. Try to keep it to three or four fonts that complement one another. Use the same fonts for the same elements. For example, all of your headings should use one singular font.

5. Spacing is important (balance it out)

In graphic design, spacing is everything. When you’re designing, you’ll want the spaces between your text and images to be consistent. If you’re writing a block of text, make sure each line has equal spacing. You’ll also want to balance your graphic in terms of the elements you add. Avoid having a right side full of heavy graphics and text with a bare left side. This can also apply to the top half and bottom half of a graphic. Keep your designs symmetrical and balanced.

6. Use a color palette

A color palette is a collection of colors that are unique to your brand. It allows you to easily see and keep track of the collection of colors you can draw from while designing. It contains the color splotches and hex codes for each color. (A hex code is a 6-digit number and letter combination. For example, the code #40E3FF allows you to find an exact shade of teal, which keeps your branding consistent.)

7. Don’t be afraid to try new things

Don’t let these tips hold you back from trying new things! Graphic design is an art that takes practice, experimenting, and experience. Don’t be afraid to make something that turns out badly. If you never mess up, you’ll never learn what works and what doesn’t! The more you practice, the more ideas you will have for the future.

Keep practicing your graphic design!

As you work to perfect your graphic design skills, remember that improvement takes time and practice. The more you work on designs, the better you will get — so keep practicing! We hope these top graphic design tips gave you some ideas for how you can make your designs even better.

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