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Overview of the Project


Law Offices of Moore & Kerbawy

We were approached by Moore & Kerbawy to design and develop a new website that will help them reach out their goal to have more connections with their potential customers.


We have the amazing opportunity to update the portraits of Jamie and Richard. Go to the website and take a look at them!


Information is key on how to become relevant at this age. Jamie and Richard have a ton of GREAT information to share and we decided to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to get to all these docs.

More than a logo

We created a great color palette that will make people feel warm, welcome and fresh into the new site.

Website Design

Moore & Kerbawy worked with InfusionSoft and we integrated all the forms with their current sales funnel.


We are proud of showing our work

Some stats to share

People Involved in the Project

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Days from beginning to end of the project

Hours of Work


Customer & Service Satisfaction


Consistency is the key of design

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