About Us

We are passionate about helping our customers achieve success online

through high-quality digital marketing


We believe in building a foundation of trust between our team and yours. We want you to have peace of mind knowing we’re here to serve you best, so we believe in getting to know you and letting you get to know us.


We operate in a way that focuses on being on time, efficient, and reliable. We believe in giving you our best. That means being aware of your timeline, being money-conscious, and listening to your company’s specific needs.


We see everyone as uniquely valuable. Everyone deserves to feel dignified and admired, so we work hard to make sure you feel heard and seen throughout the whole process.


We want to create a long-lasting friendship with you. For us, it’s about having fun and being kind while we get to work and dream right alongside you.

about us oscar


Owner and founder of Lifedge, Oscar began building Lifedge in 2017 after working in a corporate setting in Grand Rapids. Originally born and raised in Costa Rica, Oscar earned his bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and then moved to the U.S. full-time after getting married. He and his wife now have three beautiful children and Oscar celebrates the amazing growth of Lifedge LLC over the years. Oscar is a team-focused guy who loves to serve his clients and find any way to give. He is passionate about the company he’s created and looks forward to seeing how he and the team can give you the edge you need to make your business achieve success in the digital marketing world.

about us luci


Our fearless Project Manager Luci is another Costa Rican native. Luci works as the bridge between clients and the team and takes on a various array of projects. She got connected to Lifedge after talking more with Oscar, someone she’s known since she was seven. Luci is a big fan of the outdoors and brings a great energetic yet structured presence to the team. She’s also bilingual, which allows her to work with both English and Spanish speakers.
about us regan


This detail-oriented and creative team member works in the graphic design area on the Lifedge team. Regan received her bachelor’s degree in business and has taken many classes in design in order to bring a balanced dynamic to her professional and creative skill sets. Regan loves to work with people to make an abstract vision become a unique and beautifully designed graphic. She is a passionate illustrator and storyteller in her graphics.

about us nik


The guy behind the lens, Nik works as a Media Specialist at Lifedge. Nik is in charge of capturing the stories and personalities of our clients behind the lens through both photos and videos. He’s been working with Photoshop for over 20 years and is always finding new ways to push his creativity and sense of adventure in life. Nik worked in a prior role with Lifedge founder, Oscar, and they’re still working together to bring more life into each project. Nik is a story-teller, artist, and creative at heart, and you’ll be sure to see that in his work.
about us camden


Fixing bugs and website issues is Camden’s speciality. He is always learning new skills and ready to service the various technical difficulties that may come up. He is super patient and hardworking and loves to be a positive team member. Camden has always loved working with computers, and is happy to serve whatever needs there are to be met on the Lifedge team.
about us marissa


Helping your words come to life, Marissa heads up the copywriting operations at Lifedge. She specializes in creating, editing, and improving text to help you reach more customers and make your business succeed. Passionate about words and stories, Marissa thrives on a challenge and loves watching hard work pay off. She can’t wait to learn about what makes your business tick and how she can help improve your website, blog posts, campaigns, and more.

Community Involvement

At Lifedge, we feel it’s important to count our blessings. One of the ways we do this is by getting involved by giving. Below is a list of organizations that we either work alongside or give part of our proceeds to. We encourage you to check out what some of these amazing organizations are doing in their communities and around the world.

Byron Center Chamber of Commerce
Balanced Leadership Center
Cuttlerville/Gaines Chamber of Commerce
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
FoodBasket  – Grand Rapids, MI
Fellinlove Farm – Holland, MI
Tea Trade Cafe (Women At Risk)
Grace Adventures – Mears
Skeuos – Iglesia Biblica de la Gracia
Karin’s Horse Connection
Drop Zone – Byron Center
about us give back initiative

 About Us – Give Back Initiative

Ever since the conception of Lifedge, we have always been on a mission to give back. We do this because we believe we are blessed with so much. As part of this mission, each quarter we donate a portion of our profit to a non-profit that is chosen by our founder or team members. Lifedge has been built by non-profits that have believed in our mission. We want to show them even more how much we believe in theirs! Not only is this a way for us to give, but it’s a simple way we can be more active in our community and around the world. It is exciting to know we can play just a small role in what other organizations are doing in our own backyard and around the globe!

Story Brand Certified Guide


As a Story Brand Certified Guide, we will help your brand to have a clear message through all platforms that will make your business thrive in the marketplace. 


What is Story Brand?

StoryBrand is a marketing framework that will help you communicate clearly what you offer because it will simplify and remove any confusion from your brand message.

Story Brand Certified Online Marketing Guide - Oscar Quesada