Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing FAQ

What is a lead generator?

A lead-generator is a piece of information that you can give away in exchange for a potential client’s contact information—usually their email address. Lead generators can take on many forms. Your lead generators could include video series, live events, free samples, PDFs, etc. However, a PDF is a great place to start. PDFs are short, visual, helpful, and not too time-consuming to make.

If you would like to get to know more about Lead Generators and its importance and tips on how to create one, please read our blog post on Creating a Lead-Generating .PDF

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Website FAQ

Will I be able to view the website during development?

During the development process, we will make the design a live subdomain that will allow you to review the website at several times during the process. At these points, you will be able to look over your new site and give feedback in order to ensure that you’ll be excited about the finished product.

Will my new website be viewable on smartphones and tablets?

Absolutely! We create all of our designs to be mobile-friendly.

My current website is “down” or not accessible at times. Will this happen with the new site?

There is always a chance this can happen. Most of the time, it has to do with your hosting company. Your new website will be compliant with all web development standards. If any issues arise, we will be happy to look into them for you at an hourly rate.

Will I be able to update my new website?

Your website will be integrated with the WordPress CMS which will allow you to quickly and easily update most text, images, etc. with minimal training. However, many structural and design elements will require advanced knowledge of markup and coding to perform. As always, we’re happy to make future changes if you’d like and can discuss pricing if it arises.

How do website maintenance updates work?

When you have content on your website that you urgently need changed (i.e. within 12-24 hours), then we will suggest to train you so that you are able to add it right away and don’t have to wait on us. If it is something you can wait for up to 48 hours, you can send an email with the instructions, content, images, or whatever you want us to change for you. Please send change requests to: If what you’re asking for requires advanced skill or buying another plugin, we will consult with you before moving forward.

How does billing work on website maintenance updates?

When buying the yearly basic plan for maintenance, you have up to 30 minutes per month from us to make changes on the website. Anything required after the included 30 minutes per month will be discussed with you. If you wish to proceed, we will charge you at a rate of $100/hour for the changes. We will only charge you for the time we spend, so if the changes only required 45 minutes of work, we will charge you for 45 minutes and not the whole hour. We will charge as we go, so that we can create the best accountability on both sides.

What about other content I want on my site in website maintenance?

We’ll create a draft of the post for you on the website and send you the link. We then will wait for your review and response before moving it from draft to publish.