Digital Marketing

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the different avenues available to you in digital marketing? We know that digital marketing can be tricky to navigate, so we offer plenty of customized packages and plans to get you started and keep you going. Don’t waste time and money on digital marketing efforts that aren’t converting. We’re here to help and happy to do so! Book a meeting today!

Website Development

This is a complete build or revamp of your current website. We specialize in WordPress, but are happy to help make any website both functional and well-designed.

Branding & Graphic Design

Whether you want something specific or an overall package, let us help bring your graphics to life to build stronger branding and marketing.

Social Media Management

If you’re just getting started or want new ways to beat out competitors, let our team help you get the edge you need in social media.

Photography & Videography

We’ll come to you to capture the heart of your company, the people that make up your team or anything else you want visually captured for your business’s success.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Once you capture an email address, you should create an automated email sequence that onramps that prospect to your product or service. We’ll help you create nurture or sales emails campaigns that can turn into a 24/7 salesforce.

Search Engine Optimization

Track, analyze, create and execute a strategy so your organization can be found online easily. Through expert advice and optimization we will customize a plan to make you appear in the first page results of a search engine.

What You Get:


A plan or package customized exactly to your needs


Help in a specific area of digital marketing your business needs help in refining


A team of experts excited and eager to work with your team to make your digital marketing efforts highly successful

Digital Marketing- The Lifedge Way

Get to know your company:

We’d love to know as much as possible about your company. Your goals, dreams, and aspirations for the website.

Get to know what you like:

We’ll ask you to provide examples of material that you absolutely love in order to learn about your style and know what to aim for.

Hands On:

We will create a proposal and get to work to make sure you’re satisfied with the final product.

Five Marketing Terms You Need to Know!

Lead Generator - 5 Marketing Terms You Need to Know - Lifedge - Digital Marketing

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Want to know more about marketing? We’d love to share some tips so you can feel confident understanding the many terms that fall under the branch of marketing.

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