Social Media Management

Is your social media lacking engagement? Are you unsure where to even start with social media platforms? Lifedge wants to help you get social and utilize these platforms to cultivate meaningful content around your business so that you can reach more people. Book a meeting today to see how we can help you with your social media management.

What We Do:

Overall Social Media Management

Monitor and make posts for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Content Creation

Develop graphics as well as written content for posting to social media platforms.

Various Campaigns

Construct and implement campaigns to help you promote events or fundraisers for your company.

Ads for Social Media

Build and carry out ads for increasing website traffic and awareness.

Reviews and Reputation Management

Assist in getting feedback from customers to help increase user enjoyment and experience.

What You Get:


A social media presence that has impact and reach to a wider audience


The ability to have consistent posting on social media platforms to help retain followers and build your brand


A friendly team of experts eager to make your social media stand out and represent your company well

Social Media Management- The Lifedge Way

Let’s Chat:

Before we get into things, we first want to figure out where you’re at in the social media process and where you want to go. Tell us your goals!

Your Style:

Once we know you better, we then want to know the look you’re going for. This is where we discuss the details like target audience and frequency of posting.


In order to have social media success, we need an elongated plan. Here we will get your timeline ideas and propose various plans either for three month or six month periods.

The Plan:

Once we’ve worked out the details, we then work to create a social media campaign where we will implement the ideas and content we’ve discussed.
Social media should be an ongoing endeavor, so we’d love to keep the momentum going if you’re still unsure after the campaign is over. We’d love to be a part of your team for longer than your original package! Let’s figure out how we can continue to bring more traffic to your company!

8 Tips You Need This Year to Win on Social Media 

Graphic Design Tips

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