Overview of the Project

Lanser Broadcasting

We were approached by Lanser Broadcasting to help them design their new logo. After our first meeting, it was clear that we were rebranding and creating not just a logo but we were developing a brand.


Changing the corporate image of the organization based on the new set of values, mission, and vision.

Asking Questions

Helping Lanser Broadcasting develop their “new” brand with questions like What story does your brand tell? What is the purpose of Joy99/Pledge? What are your business goals? Why do you exist? What do you want to be known for?

More than a logo

Knowing that these 2 radio stations are part of the same company, we created two logos that can be used together or separately for different purposes. 

Website Design Joy99

After the brand was created, the website design was easy by following brand guidelines and also adding new functionalities to send our users to a much-needed hub of content for Joy99 and we are happy waiting for developing the Pledge website coming soon in Spring 2019.


We are proud of showing our work


Consistency is the key of design

Some stats to share

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