5 Tips for WooCommerce Sites
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WooCommerce is WordPress’s plugin for e-commerce sites. It’s a fairly intuitive system, and as WordPress users, we’ve gleaned some helpful insight on it as we’ve worked with dozens of WooCommerce sites. Today, we want to pass those tips on to you!

Here are our top 5 tips for WooCommerce sites.

1. Put a “Buy Now” button in the top right corner of your site

Adding a direct CTA (call to action), such as “Buy Now”, “Call Today”, or “Book a Meeting” is actually something that we recommend for all of our sites. This includes WooCommerce pages as well as homepages and internal pages of websites.

Why do we do this? Well, imagine shopping around a department store. Your arms are full of items and you’re ready to check out. You look around for a salesperson so that you can purchase your goods, but no one is in sight. Has this ever happened to you? If so, you know the frustration.

Adding a CTA ensures that your customers know exactly what to do when they are ready to take the next step. Don’t make them look around your site, wondering how to get to their cart and finish their order. Place a bold, “Buy Now” button in the top right corner of your site and create a smooth process for your customers.

2. Have only one sale going at a time

People love a good sale.

If you’re promoting a big sale on the top of your site, stick with just one sale at a time. It may seem more productive to offer multiple discounts or sales at once in hopes of drawing in every customer. However, this actually tends to be confusing and overwhelming for customers, even if they don’t realize it.

When you offer a sale, don’t give your customer too much to think about. Promoting only one sale at a time – one image at the top of your site – will make it seem like an even better deal to your site viewers. Make sure to advertise that the sale won’t last forever! Add an end date and your customers will feel more encouraged to take advantage of your epic sale.

3. Promote your sales on emails and social media to bring traffic to your website

Even your most loyal customers aren’t going to visit your website every day, or even every week. Think about it. What are your favorite brands? Nike? Apple? La-Z-Boy? How often do you actually visit these websites?

Don’t depend on your website to bring its own traffic, no matter how many loyal customers you have.

While a clean, eye-catching, easy-to-use website is very important, make sure you’re also advertising through other means, such as emails and social media. Most people check their email at least once per day. Social media accounts are often checked dozens of times per day by users. Take advantage of this, and use email and social media to alert customers of your products and sales. These methods are great ways to drive more traffic to your website and WooCommerce pages.

4. Write about the advantages of your product

Why should customers buy your products? Unless you’re Apple, people are most likely not going to purchase your products just because they’re new or available on your site.

Product descriptions are probably the easiest and most important place to write about the advantages of your product. Don’t go overboard. Just give customers some details about the product. Make the information easy to access. Don’t make them search for it.

Blog posts are another place where you can go more in-depth about your products. If you’re selling a home speaker system, a few sentences or paragraphs in your product description might not be enough to really tell your potential customers about the product, how it works, and why they need it.  Take advantage of your blog, and write a post that goes into much more detail about your product and how it works.

5. Focus on how your product can benefit your customer, instead of just trying to sell

As you write about the benefits of your product, either in the product description, a blog post, or somewhere else, focus on how it can help your customer.

Customers usually aren’t going to purchase something just because they have the stats in front of them. They’re going to purchase something because they believe it will make their life easier or better. Don’t just try to sell your product. Focus on your customer’s needs and wants. How will this product improve their lives?

Use these 5 tips for WooCommerce sites and keep up the great work!

We hope these 5 tips for WooCommerce sites help you improve your site and ultimately make more sales!

Do you need help with your website or WooCommerce site? We’ve created dozens of WordPress and WooCommerce sites that have provided digital marketing success for our customers. We’d love to create a custom, high-quality site for you. Click here to see all of our digital marketing services, or book a meeting today.

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