Brand Summary and One-Liner — StoryBrand Series Part 2
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Welcome back to our StoryBrand series! If you missed our last post where we introduced StoryBrand and BrandScripts, check it out here.

Today, we’re sharing two more parts of the StoryBrand framework: the brand summary and one-liner.

What is a brand summary?

After a BrandScript is created, we begin to work on a brand summary for your company. A brand summary takes the BrandScript and forms it into an easy-to-read paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention. It describes what they want, how your business can help, and what the customer should do next.

Here’s an example of Lifedge’s brand summary:

Lifedge brand summary

Does your brand have a summary that clearly communicates important information about your business to your customers?

What is a one-liner?

Have you ever stumbled over your answer when asked the question, “What do you do?” Have you ever tried to explain your business or day job only to realize it sounds a bit… lame? Vague? Confusing? Just plain unattractive?

The one-liner is a concise statement (usually 2-3 sentences) that clearly explains what you offer. It’s simple, repeatable, clear, and memorable. When created well, your one-liner will make people curious about your brand rather than tuning you out.

Once you have a one-liner, you can use it any time someone asks you about what you do. Stick it on your business card, email signature, and maybe even the wall of your office. Voila!

Does your marketing clearly communicate what you offer?

If your marketing doesn’t give customers a clear picture of what you offer and how it can improve their lives, they won’t be interested. We want you to have marketing tools that work. We’re StoryBrand certified and can help you create tools like a brand summary and one-liner that are custom-fit to your business. Ready to get started? Book a free meeting today

Interested in participating in the StoryBrand marketing workshop so you can implement the StoryBrand marketing plan on your own? Check it out here.


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