How Can Lifedge Help Me?
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Lifedge is an online marketing and web design agency based in Byron Center, MI, near Grand Rapids. We offer high-quality digital marketing in the areas of web development, SEO, branding and graphic design, email marketing, social media management, photography and videography, and more. Perhaps you’ve heard of Lifedge but are still wondering, “How can Lifedge help me?”.

Lifedge exists to help our clients succeed

Lifedge exists to help our clients see results in the area of digital marketing. We want to give you the confidence that your marketing really works. We prioritize getting to know our clients and their businesses so that we can effectively help them succeed in the digital marketing arena.

Here’s what people are saying about working with Lifedge:

“Lifedge is the model company for excellent customer service. I have never worked with a Marketing and IT organization that went over and beyond the call of duty to troubleshoot and provide quality service like Oscar and his excellent team.”

-Darryl Shelton – Christian Schools International & NP Talent and Development

Thanks, Darryl, for letting us help with Website Development & Website Maintenance, Email Marketing, & Graphic Design!

“I’m a small business owner that didn’t have the time or know-how on creating a website. After my first meeting with Lifedge (Oscar), I knew I didn’t need to shop around because it was clear Lifedge knew what they were doing and actually cared about me and my business. Because of my website, I feel I can compete with my competitors (who are franchises and have the budget for high-end websites)! Lifedge by far exceeded my expectations!”

-Holly Lehman, CEO – Spruced Studio

Thanks, Holly, for letting us help with your Website Development & Website Maintenance!

“The team at Lifedge goes above and beyond. They are great listeners, communicators, and artists in the digital space. That combo pack creates great results every time.”

-Brett Elder, Executive Director, Rush Creek Bible Church

Thanks, Brett, for letting us work with you on On-going Digital Marketing Strategies!

“The whole team at Lifedge was very easy to work with. They asked lots of questions to get a good understanding of our business. They took time to teach us how to work in our new website, and they also took the time to get to know us personally. Now a year plus into our new website, they answer our questions and help us make adjustments right away.”

-Denijean Krum – Great Lakes Truck and Equipment Parts

Thanks, Denijean, for letting us be a part of your Website Development & Website Maintenance!

“Oscar was amazing to work with. He heard our stories and took them to heart and created something that captures what we do. He was patient with us as we reworked some things, and made sure it was exactly what we hoped for! The Lifedge team was great to work with!”

-Denise Kooiker – School Supply Santa

Thanks, Denise, for letting us help with your Website Development & Website Maintenance!

“We loved working with Oscar! NEVER did he make us feel rushed, and he also never made us feel that our ideas were crazy or out of line. He was clear in his explanations and willing to go the extra mile with us to assure we were happy. And we ARE so happy with the work that he and the team did for us!”

-Mike VanderZwagg – South Olive Bible Camp

Thanks, Mike, for letting us help with your Brand Design and Creation!

How can Lifedge help me?

These words from our clients spur us on even more to put our all into helping YOU! If you’re still asking, “How can Lifedge help me?”, here’s a little more about the services that we provide.

Website Development

Struggling to create a website that services your company’s needs? Lifedge offers website development to create a custom website for your business. We focus on giving you a clean and high-quality site that will allow you and your clients the ease of use you both deserve.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your website getting the quality, organic traffic it deserves? Our professional SEO services will optimize your web pages to rank higher organically. We utilize a variety of tools and Google services that enable potential customers and clients to find your business quickly and easily. Our SEO clients have experienced increased calls, increased requests for directions, and increased new visitors to their sites.

Branding & Graphic Design

Worried you’re lacking cohesive branding? Lifedge paints a narrative of who you are through your brand. We work to implement a system that builds recognition for your company and use graphics to increase visual engagement. We look forward to talking with you to see how we can create quality branding & graphic design that will grow your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is arguably the best and more direct way to connect with your clients. Lifedge offers to help you reach out to new leads and continue the relationship with current and past clients. We offer automated services, so you can continue connecting with clients in your sleep!

Social Media Management

Is your social media lacking engagement? Are you unsure where to even start with social media platforms? Lifedge wants to help you get social and utilize these platforms to cultivate meaningful content around your business so that you can reach more people. Book a meeting today to see how we can help you with your social media management.


Are you still using stock or old photos on your website? Do you want something that captures your company and team? Let our media specialist help tell the story of your business through photo and video content. Whether it’s something simple like beautiful headshots or a video that tells the narrative of your company, we’re here to help you. Get in touch with us today to see how we can capture you best!

Top Grand Rapids web design companies

Did you know? Lifedge was voted in the top 30 web design companies near Grand Rapids, Michigan! We don’t just work in Grand Rapids though, or even just in Michigan! Lifedge has helped businesses all over the country and beyond with their digital marketing needs.

Achieve success online

Many businesses are struggling because their marketing efforts are not providing the results they want. Lifedge offers strategy, planning, and execution of high-quality digital marketing to help you achieve success online, giving you the confidence that your marketing works.

Are you ready to get started? Book a meeting today so that we can start talking about how Lifedge can help YOU succeed online.

Not ready for a meeting? Download our free PDF, 5 Things Your Website is Missing, to find out how your website can be even more effective at turning leads into sales.

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