The StoryBrand Transformation
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Today, we want to take you on a deeper dive into the StoryBrand transformation. In early 2021, our founder, Oscar, became a StoryBrand approved guide. It has been an amazing journey to learn more about StoryBrand and why it works, and to pass that success along to our clients!

StoryBrand is a marketing framework that helps brands to clarify their message using the power of story. We’re going to be sharing more about the StoryBrand framework in future posts, so keep an eye out! For now, we want to show you a finished website using the framework, and what steps are included in the process when you work with us.

Here’s a look at what you can expect when you choose Lifedge to design or re-design YOUR website.

What to expect:

Step 1: Kick-off meeting

In this 60–90-minute meeting, we’ll learn all about your brand! We’ll ask you a whole bunch of questions to get to know more about what you offer, how you help your customers, what it looks like for your customers to work with you, and more. 

Step 2: Mockup

We’ll create a BrandScript for your company and then make a mock-up of your website. This basically includes the structure and copy for the site without the design. When the mockup is finished, we’ll meet with you to make sure your company is represented just the way you want it to be. If not, we’ll fix it!

Step 3: Finished site

Once the mockup is approved, our designers will get to work making your website look great! They’ll add colors, fonts, pictures, and everything else that makes your website aesthetically pleasing.

Step 4: Go live!

When the fully-designed site is approved by you, we’ll make your website live! Voila!

What does the StoryBrand transformation look like?

This graphic features a real example of a website we recently created for East Martin Christian School. Here, you can see how each step of the process looks, and the difference between the before and after site. Thank you, East Martin Christian School, for letting us work with you! 
The StoryBrand Transformation

Will you be next?

We can’t wait to share more about StoryBrand and why it works! Stay tuned! 

Are you ready to take part in the StoryBrand transformation? We’d love to help you create or re-create YOUR website! Contact us today!

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