What is a Lead Generator? – StoryBrand Series Part 5
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Last week in our StoryBrand series we let you in on an incredibly helpful tool (or series of tools) known as the sales funnel. This sales funnel is the process that we use to turn your leads into sales and lead customers through the commitment phase of their relationship with your business.

A lead generator is a vital part of the sales funnel. It helps customers move from the curiosity to the enlightenment phase of the relationship. It’s a non-pushy way to offer your customer value without asking too much in return. It’s also an effective way to generate highly-qualified leads.

What is a lead generator?

A lead generator is a piece of information that you can offer your customers to give them value. It can be an informational PDF, a reusable worksheet, a checklist, a sampler, a coupon…the possibilities are virtually endless.

The type of lead generator you offer can vary depending on the nature of your business. Think about the customer group you’re trying to reach. What would be the most effective way to offer them value? If you own a boarding kennel for dogs, perhaps you’d consider a coupon for the first stay. Maybe you run a gym and could create a checklist for a cardio routine. If your business focuses on time management, and you could offer a reusable daily task manager. Informational PDFs work well for all types of businesses, too. What would your potential clients benefit from the most?

How to give away your lead generator

A lead generator is the third part of the sales funnel. After a potential customer gets interested enough in your business to visit your website, you need something that gets them to stick around and not forget about you.

This is where the lead generator comes in. It should be positioned on the homepage of your website. Be sure to give it a catchy but clear title that will make people interested. Then, offer it in exchange for an email address. (In our next post, we’ll discuss what to do with these email addresses!)  

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about creating your own lead generator to give away, check out our previous post: Creating a Lead-Generating PDF. In this post, we discussed more ideas as well as what you need to be sure to include.

If you don’t have the time to create your own lead generator, we can help. We’ve created all kinds of lead generators for a variety of business types. We’d love to help you determine the best kind for your business and create something that will allow you to generate highly qualified leads. Book a meeting today and let’s talk! 

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