Ready to Grow Your Business in 2024?
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Ready to grow your business in 2024? Check out these three reasons why you should set specific, numeric goals in the new year.

Can you believe 2023 is already coming to a close? What a whirlwind of a year! 

In the bustle of this season’s holiday festivities, don’t forget to take a moment to set some fresh business goals for the new year. 

Your business goals are your recipe for success, so it’s important to make good ones! In this post, we’ll be talking about why and how to set goals that grow your business. 

The secret? Your goals need to be specific and numeric. 


3 Reasons why specific, numeric goals grow your business


1. Clear vision


When you set specific goals, you create a clear vision of what you want to achieve. A clear vision serves as the roadmap for your business, providing a sense of direction and purpose. Without this, it’s easy for a business to continue aimlessly or get sidetracked by short-term challenges. 

Specific, numeric goals act as milestones along the way, providing tangible targets that help you measure your progress and stay on course. Because if your goals aren’t quantifiable, how will you know when you’ve achieved them? 


2. Motivation


Making your goals specific and numeric motivates your team. When employees have quantifiable targets to aim for, they are more likely to take responsibility for the company’s success in these areas. Motivated and focused teams innovate, overcome obstacles, and consistently perform at their best.

A motivated team is one of the most powerful tools to grow your business, so give your people something specific to work toward in the new year! 


3. Measurable success


Specific, numeric goals provide a basis for measuring your success. This enables you to track progress and identify areas of your business that need adjustment or improvement.

At the end of the year, you’ll know for certain if you achieved your goals or not. If not, you can assess why, and adjust your strategy accordingly to grow your business. 

This way, clear goals also create accountability on all levels of the organization. Regular performance reviews with your specific goals in mind foster this culture of accountability, where everyone is aware of their responsibilities and understands how their work contributes to the overall growth of the business.


2024 Growth Quiz


At Lifedge, we want to bring your brand to life and give you an edge in the market. Our passion is to help grow your business and watch you succeed online.

That’s why we’ve created the “quiz” below – it’s a tool to ensure your vision and goals are serving you and your business as they should. 


How to use the Growth Quiz


Go down the list and set some specific goals in each category. Then, pick out the goals that are most important to you and put them together into a mission statement for the year. Be sure to share the mission statement with your entire team, and encourage team members to commit it to memory! 

When you have team meetings throughout the year, rehearse your specific goals and give regular progress updates so your team stays focused on the mission. 

OK, time to dive in! 


General Growth:

  1. Overall revenue growth by X%.
  2. New product or service, aiming for X% of total sales.
  3. Do you plan to expand your market share in a specific target demographic or geographic area?


Customer Acquisition and Retention:

  1. Acquire X number of new customers by implementing targeted marketing campaigns.
  2. Improve customer retention by X% through enhanced customer service initiatives. 
  3. Increase customer satisfaction scores to a minimum of X%.


Brand Building and Marketing:

  1. Increase social media presence and engagement by X%.
  2. Launch a content marketing strategy to position the company as an industry thought leader.
  3. Publish X number of blog posts and X number of social media posts per month.
  4. Run X number of email campaigns in 2024. 


Lifedge can help grow your business


At Lifedge, we sincerely desire your success online. Seeing your business or non-profit experience new growth and take steps forward is what we’re all about. Do you need some help achieving your marketing goals? Contact us today to get started.

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