The Compounding Effect of SEO for Long-Term Success
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Investing in quality SEO will only bring you more and more positive results as time goes on. Let’s take a look at why the compounding effect of SEO is one of the best ways to build your brand.

What is the compounding effect of SEO?

The beauty of SEO is that when done well, not only do your efforts increase your success, but they increase it exponentially. As your site generates traffic from Google, it will collect positive signals that will cause it to attract even more traffic in the following days, months, and years.

What positive signals allow your site to collect more traffic? Accumulation of natural links and good user experience are a couple of ways. As more people use Google, this will also naturally increase traffic.

Barring an unfortunate event such as Google penalties or a negative site update, website traffic continues to steadily increase year after year on nearly every site. Even if few changes are made for a year, steady growth is still the norm, assuming that content is evergreen.

For this reason, investing in the compounding effect of SEO is one of the best decisions you can make for ROI.

Google penalties

A Google penalty is a punishment from Google for going against Google best practices.  If you’re worried about Google penalties negatively affecting your site, you don’t have to be. Simply being aware of the penalties will usually make them easy to avoid.

Here are some of the common Google penalties to avoid:

  • Sneaky redirects
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Hidden text
  • Spammy techniques
  • Thin content

Check out The Complete List of Google Penalties and How to Recover to learn more. 

Just get started

Many people miss out on the compounding effect of SEO simply because, for one reason or another, they haven’t gotten started.

Compounding is very similar to investing for retirement. Often, people wait until they find just the right investment opportunity or until they believe they have enough money to get going. The best strategy, however, is usually to just get started. Just like compound interest when you invest for retirement, the growth from SEO is exponential.

If you’re afraid that you don’t yet have the perfect content or as much time as you’d like to put into your site, don’t let this cripple you. Just get started. SEO takes time, and you have to invest in it before it is needed. According to SEO expert Eli Schwartz, “A little bit of effort now is better than no effort at all.” The best time to start was 3 years ago, but the next best time to start is right now.

Why does it take so much time?

But why does it take so much time to gain traction through the compounding effect of SEO? Why doesn’t creating quality content and using the right keywords get you results right away?

Keep in mind that it takes time for Google to crawl and index new pages. After this is completed, more time is needed in order to gain positive signals such as backlinks and on-SERP click-through rates.

Generally, it takes at least 3-6 months to see traction in your SEO efforts.

Some people believe that it’s nearly impossible to implement good SEO practices without being an SEO expert. Some think that SEO is magician’s work. This is simply not true. By following basic SEO strategies, you CAN start ranking, though it will take time.

Keep in mind, however, that in order for your content to rank and be seen, you must use keywords and content that people are actually searching. If people aren’t searching your topic, no amount of good SEO practices will generate search volume.

For best results, be sure to integrate SEO strategies into your content creation. If you’re not following basic SEO strategies, you could spend hundreds of hours creating a site or marketing content only to send it over to the SEO team and be bombarded with changes. Don’t waste your time creating before you start thinking about SEO. Incorporate SEO into every stage of the process.

Why organic traffic is better than pay-per-click

Following SEO strategies will almost always get you far better results than spending money on pay-per-click campaigns. Pay-per-click may look tempting because it gets you traffic immediately. The problem with this is that as soon as you stop paying for ads, your traffic will vanish.

While paid search generates immediate results, organic search generates long-term results. In addition, organic traffic is quality traffic. The group you are trying to reach is that which has genuine interest in your product.

Check out this chart from Intergrowth. Notice the exponential increase of the compounding effect of SEO versus Google Ads. SEO continues to produce results for YEARS into the future.

customer acquisition over time graph

SEO as a marketing strategy

Though it probably won’t get you immediate results, the compounding effect of SEO will grow your brand like nothing else for years to come. Pat VC, creator of The 7 Wealth Stages Framework, says, “When you use elite SEO skills along with the compound effect to develop a brand, it is the most profitable long-term digital marketing channel.”

Is the compounding effect of SEO working for you?

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to build your website, start your blog, or otherwise begin content creation, this is it! Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Jump in and start letting the compounding effect of SEO do its work.

If you’ve been waiting for the compounding effect of SEO to start showing results in regards to your brand, we understand your frustration. Perhaps you feel that you must be missing an important step and you aren’t sure where to turn or what to do.

Don’t worry—we can help!

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