What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?
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Even if you have all the funding and resources you could want, a hardworking, motivated entrepreneur is a necessary ingredient when it comes to having a thriving business. Here are some tips and tools that we have found to make a big difference in what makes a successful entrepreneur.

A successful entrepreneur is always learning

If you’ve ever been involved in the business world, you know that it’s constantly changing. If you don’t keep learning, you’re going to be left in the dust.

These days, there are a plethora of ways to learn. You can read books, listen to podcasts, research on the internet, and much more. You can no longer say you have no time to read. If that’s true, listen to an audiobook in the car!

No matter how you learn best, the important thing is to keep learning. Don’t settle. Always be searching for ways to improve and grow. 

Have you read our post about our favorite business books? Click here for some books that we’d highly recommend to you on your entrepreneurial journey! 

A successful entrepreneur has goals

A successful entrepreneur doesn’t wake up every day and blindly stumble around through the workday, trying to decide what to do. Successful entrepreneurs have goals that propel them through the days and weeks and motivate them to keep going, even when it gets hard.

Goals can be large or small. We recommend having your 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year goals written down. Once you narrow in on these goals, you can break them down even smaller so that you can have a specific plan for each day. Being diligent in the everyday, small steps will eventually lead to conquering your biggest dreams.

We wrote a series on goal-planning to help you figure out what your goals are and how to accomplish them.

Hero on a Mission

Speaking of goals, we highly recommend Donald Miller’s Hero on a Mission plan. In Hero on a Mission, you’ll learn practical yet transformational steps to create a life plan, take control of your story, and experience deep meaning in your daily life.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Hero on a Mission class through Business Made Simple University. You can get access to this course and many others with a Business Made Simple University yearly plan.

You can also learn more about Hero on a Mission through Donald Miller’s book.

Being a successful entrepreneur takes sacrifice

Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes sacrifice. Entrepreneurism isn’t for the faint of heart. Many people love the idea of starting a new business, jumping at exciting opportunities, and enjoying the rewards of a great idea. However, not everybody is cut out for the amount of work it takes to get to the “reward” part.

If you’ve committed to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, you should be prepared for lots of hard work. While your roommate enjoys arriving at the office at 9am, you may be up at 5am, coffee in hand, ready to start the day. You will likely have a season (or longer) of working long days with great focus. But hard work brings reward, so keep at it! With a great idea and lots of tenacity, you can truly achieve big things.

Successful entrepreneurs have accountability

If you’ve ever been committed to working out or improving your health (or any similar task!), you might have learned that accountability goes a long way. If you tell yourself that you’re going to run two miles at 6am every morning, you’ll probably end up having a lot of days that you just can’t seem to drag yourself out of bed. However, if you and your neighbor decide to run together at 6am every morning, you’ll be much more motivated to get out of bed, knowing that she’s waiting outside for you.

In the same way, accountability will take you far in the business world as well. Find someone to whom you can tell your goals and checkpoints. This could be a coach, mentor, business partner, or friend. Choose someone who will encourage you and push you toward your goals. Knowing that someone is counting on you to achieve your objectives will often give you the motivation to keep going on the hardest days.

Successful entrepreneurs often have a business coach

A business coach can not only help by giving you accountability, but they can also contribute in many other ways to your business success and even personal success. A business coach can propel your business forward by helping you clarify our vision, create your goals, and make sure you’re staying on track.

We highly recommend finding a business coach who will partner with you to help you achieve success. Not sure where to look? Check out this list from Hubspot of the top business coaching services.

What is success for you?

This may be the most important step! If you want to be successful, you first need to define what success actually is for you. Is it owning a multi-million dollar business? Having a nice car? Being able to work from home and create your own schedule? Making ends meet by pursuing your passion every day? Travelling for 9 months a year? Not having to travel? Providing jobs for 20 employees?

Success looks different for everyone. Don’t compare yourself to your neighbor, friend, coworker, or competition. Set YOUR goals, and then get to work.

We want to help you be a successful entrepreneur. Let’s talk.

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