What summer teaches us about online marketing
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It is the middle of July, and I can’t stop looking at my “yellow-grass.” Yes, it is burned out, and it doesn’t grow. It has some green spots, On the other side of the street, my neighbor has a nice “green-looking grass,” and I have to be honest I feel jealous of their turf. Is this not the same way sometimes how we think about comparing other companies with ours regarding their online marketing?

For example, taking the illustration above, the reality is that every company wants to have a consistent, exceptional, creative strategy to promote their online marketing on every channel, it doesn’t matter if it is social media, email newsletter, website, etc. How can we begin to get more “green-grass” (conversion) in our online marketing strategy?


Three differences between my grass and my neighbor’s grass.


1- Underground Sprinklers:
Most of the time those sprinklers mean an excellent user-friendly website, what we usually called: “the user-friendly test,” that is when a person visits your site can they easily find: What you do, who you are and why you do it, without even thinking.
Going back to my example, it is interesting that I owned two systems (traveling sprinkler and an oscillator ) to give water to my grass but still doesn’t make the same impact as my neighbors. On our online marketing case maybe we already have a website, but we haven’t updated in a while, or we have a facebook, but never post, or perhaps I opened some accounts but didn’t know what to do with them. If this is your case, feel free to contact us, and we can help you start a correct foundation for your business.

2- Consistency on Watering:
My neighbor’s water sprinkler system irrigates his lawn two to three times a day. It is on a schedule where he manages and creates an effective way to water the grass consistently.
What does it mean? Many times businesses do what I do with my grass, post or update your social media channels when we want, no schedule, no strategy, no consistency. The lawn needs water as your online marketing needs consistency.

3- Lawn Care Products & Maintenance:
After having a correct foundation with an underground system and consistency on watering your lawn, you need to build up your online marketing strategy to a consistent and creative way to maintain your garden. Businesses think that just by having the right foundation and be consistent with content it will do the trick, but the reality is that you need a strategy to maintain all your channels updated and to take care of your audience.

Your audience is your grass. If we don’t take care and give them water, products, consistent watering, and maintenance, your audience is not going to grow and consequently your brand, and online marketing is not going to be different than other lawns. “Green Lawns” make a difference in the middle of Summer, bring your brand to life and build the edge your brand needs to make a difference than your competition.

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