Can I Create My Own Social Media Calendar? 5 Tips to Get You Started
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Creating your own social media calendar can be a little intimidating. There are a lot of moving parts to keep track of and algorithms to figure out. But despite the challenges, creating a social media calendar for your business is totally worth it! We’ve come up with 5 tips to help you get started. 

Before we get into the tips for making your own social media calendar, though, it’s important to know exactly what you’re trying to do and why it matters.


What is a social media calendar? 


In its simplest form, a social media calendar is a schedule for your social media posts. For each post you have planned, the social media calendar should tell you the platform where it will be posted, the date and time to post, and any media or links to include with the post.


Why do you need a social media calendar? 


The number one reason why having a social media calendar is so important is that it keeps you organized. 

If you’re trying to have a presence on multiple social media platforms, staying organized is essential. A social media calendar will help you avoid mistakes like posting sporadically, putting something on the wrong social media platform, or trying to come up with last-minute ideas for content.

A social media calendar makes it easier to plan posts in advance and schedule regular content. It’s also a great way to plan ahead for posts about new products and services that your business is launching. 


5 Tips for Creating Your Own Social Media Calendar


1. Keep a regular schedule for posting content


One of the best ways to grow your following is to post consistently. There are two reasons why posting on a regular schedule will help you be successful.

First, social media algorithms prefer consistent posting, So if you post regularly, your content will be boosted on the platform and more people will see it. Second, keeping a regular posting schedule helps your followers know when to expect content from you. You’ll get more views and more interaction with your content if you post on a consistent schedule.


2. Pay attention to when you’re posting


Did you know that the time of day you post on social media and what day of the week it is have an effect on how your post will do? That’s right! In fact, each social media platform has optimal times to post content so that it will reach the highest number of viewers.

It’s been found that on average, the best times to post on social media across all platforms are between 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, and 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM, while the best day of the week to post content is Friday. 

Want to get better at posting at the right time? Here’s an article that talks about the best time to post on specific social media platforms in 2023: The Ultimate Best Times to Post on Social Media Guide for 2023 


3. Start with just a few social media platforms


Keep your social media calendar manageable by only selecting the platforms that will be best for your business. Especially if your company is small, it can be really overwhelming to try to stay on schedule with social media posts on a host of different platforms. 

To find the best social media platforms for your business, think about what platforms similar companies are using, and where your customer base is spending most of their time. If you aren’t sure about either of those questions, just pick a couple platforms to start out with and see how it goes. You can always move to a different platform later. 


4. Keep track of how your social media presence is doing


Your social media calendar is also a great place to keep track of how your presence on different social media platforms is doing. Which platforms are getting the most views, likes, comments, and shares? What type of post gets the most attention? Which posts flopped? 

Keeping track of how your presence on each platform is doing will help you tailor future content to be what readers have liked in the past. It will also show you what isn’t doing well, so you can stop spending time on content that isn’t working for your business.

Having trouble getting views? Check out our post on 5 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following.


5. Stay focused on the goal: providing answers to customer questions 


At the end of the day, successful businesses have one thing in common: putting the customer first. 

The best way to build trust and grow your business is to learn what your customers are looking for and what questions they are asking, and then provide the answers. Think about what customers have asked you about your business in the past, and then create content addressing those questions. Also, look at general FAQs about the type of products or services you offer, and make sure you’re providing answers in your posts.


Different options for social media calendars


There are lots of different options when it comes to creating your own social media calendar. 

For a total DIY approach, you can use something as simple as an Excel spreadsheet to make a basic calendar for your social media posts.

Or, if you prefer a little more structure, there are plenty of social media planner templates that you can download as a pdf and even print if you’d like.

Many business owners find that it’s helpful for them to keep all of their planning materials in one place. If that sounds like you, there are several websites that specialize in project management for your business. Two of the most popular project management tools are and Airtable. is a more task-oriented database, while Airtable starts with a spreadsheet model. 

Whichever style you prefer, there are options available for every business!


What about hiring a social media manager?


Often, companies choose to hire a social media manager from outside their business. Hiring a social media manager can free up your team to focus on products and services and take care of your existing customers. 

If you’re considering hiring a social media manager for your business, take a look at our list of Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Manager

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything that goes into managing your company’s social media? Lifedge is here to help. We offer social media management packages that will take the work off your shoulders and help grow your business. If you’d like to learn more about our social media management options, you can read more about our services or book a meeting with us today!

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