Do I Need to Hire a Marketing Agency? 3 Signs It Might Be Time
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Is it time to hire a marketing agency for your business? It depends on how your personal marketing attempts are going! 

If you’re seeing great results from your own marketing and have the time, resources, and skill to continue doing it, then you probably don’t need to hire a marketing agency. On the other hand, if you’re struggling to keep up and feel like your marketing attempts aren’t working, it might be time to hire some outside help.

Good marketing is essential for the success of your business, so don’t let it take the back burner! In this article, we’ll talk about three signs that tell you it might be time to hire a marketing agency. 


3 signs that it’s time to hire a marketing agency


Marketing doesn’t have to be a guessing game. If you’re not seeing the results you want, it’s probably time to try something else. 

Three signs you might need to hire a marketing agency are first, you’re not getting good marketing results. Second, you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself. And third, you don’t have the expertise to do it yourself. Below, we go into detail about each of these signs.


1. You’re not getting good marketing results


Does your business feel stagnant, like your marketing efforts aren’t working? This is a frustrating position many business owners find themselves in. Marketing isn’t cheap, so you want to make sure your marketing is working to grow your business and bring in customers.

If you’ve been doing your own marketing and aren’t seeing good results, it might be time to hire an outside marketing agency to help. Marketing isn’t something you’re born knowing how to do, so sometimes you just need to bring in the professionals! A good marketing agency will produce valuable content for your business that attracts customers and fosters growth.

Need help to find a good marketing agency? Check out our 5 tips to compare inbound marketing agencies.


2. You don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself


Another sign that it’s time to hire a marketing agency is that you don’t have the time or resources to do your own marketing. 

Marketing is time-consuming, and if you’re creating a lot of great content, it can become a full-time job! Many businesses simply don’t have the time to devote to marketing on top of all their other responsibilities. Hiring a marketing agency will free up your team to focus on running the business. 

In addition, marketing requires resources that not every business has on hand. For example, to do picture and video marketing, you need camera equipment and someone who knows how to use it. If you don’t have the resources it takes to do your own marketing, it might be time to hire an agency.


3. You don’t have the expertise to do it yourself


This might be a hard pill to swallow, but not everyone has the skills needed to do great marketing. You can be an amazing business owner and still not have the marketing expertise it takes to do your own marketing successfully. If no one on your team has marketing proficiency, it might be time to hire a marketing agency. 

But don’t be discouraged! Marketing agencies exist for people who want high-quality marketing for their business and know they need to outsource. Marketing experts are trained in fresh strategies and cutting-edge techniques to keep your business ahead of the competition.


Lifedge is here to help


At Lifedge, we want to see your business succeed online. If you’ve decided it’s time to hire a marketing agency, we’re here to help. Our high-quality digital marketing sets you apart from the competition, so you can be confident that your marketing works. Book a meeting with us today to learn more!

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