5 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following
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Keeping up with your social media accounts takes a lot more time than many people think. It requires consistent posting, quality content, and staying up-to-date on current social trends. However, connecting with your target audience over social media is one of the best ways to promote your product or service. Check out these 5 ways to grow your social media following that actually work!

5 ways to grow your social media following


1. Create content that helps your customers

Your social media channels should be a place where your customers can go to benefit in some way. You can give value to your audience by sharing practical information, interesting stories, important statistics, or even a peek at everyday life. Knowing your target audience well helps you determine what type of content is helpful to them.

For example, if you own a dog grooming business, you probably cater to people who love to pamper their pets. Why not share some practical tips about how they can best care for their dogs at home? You could provide a recipe for homemade treats or suggest your favorite collar and leash. Perhaps you can share some before and after pictures of dogs you groom. Maybe you want to talk about how often dogs should be professionally groomed.

Try to place yourself in the shoes of your audience and think about what type of information will be most helpful or entertaining to them.

If you’re not sure who your target audience is, creating a buyer persona is one of the best ways to define your ideal client. Knowing the type of person you want to attract to your social media channels (and your brand in general) will be one of your best assets in the marketing process.

2. Be engaged

Social media algorithms like accounts that are engaged with their audience. This means being active on your accounts.

Respond to messages and comments quickly. Keep your profile updated with pertinent information, like your hours, website, products, or services.

While it does take time, staying engaged with your audience doesn’t usually take deep focus. Therefore, it can often be done easily in between other tasks. Just make sure to put barriers in place so that social media isn’t overwhelming your days. 

3. Be consistent

Consistent posting is one of the best ways to stay engaged and grow your social media following. You don’t have to post 5 times a day, but you should post somewhat consistently. Don’t share five posts about an exciting event you had and then go a month without posting.

One of the best ways to make sure you stay consistent is to create a social media calendar. Monday.com, AirTable, and Asana are just a few great options.

Don’t feel like you have the time to stay consistent on social media? Hiring a social media manager who can create quality, consistent content could pay dividends for your business in the long run.

4. Embed posts into your emails

Embedding your social media posts into your emails is an easy way to increase the exposure of social media posts as well as drive traffic to your channels. Additionally, the audience who already reads your emails is the ideal audience for your social media posts, giving you the potential for a high success rate.

Check with your email marketing platform to determine the best way to embed social media posts into your marketing emails and increase engagement.

5. Choose the right channels

While choosing less channels may seem like exactly what you DON’T want to do, having fewer social media channels can actually be a big help when you’re trying to grow your following. This is because the more social media platforms you have, the more work you have to do to update them, create valuable content, and engage with your followers.

Based on the nature of your brand, it’s usually best to start with 1-3 platforms. If you’re not sure which platforms to choose, it can be helpful to take a look at your competitors. What platforms are they using? Which ones are doing well?

Whatever platforms you choose, invest in them wisely by taking the time to post consistently and engage with your audience.

5 of the best ways to grow your social media following

  1. Create content that helps your customers
  2. Be engaged
  3. Be consistent
  4. Embed posts into your emails
  5. Choose the right channels

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