7 Benefits of Having a Blog on Your Website
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Wondering if a blog is worth it? While maintaining a blog does take time and effort, the ROI often far outweighs the work that’s involved. Let’s look into the 7 benefits of having a blog on your website to see if starting one is worth it for your business.


Seven benefits of having a blog on your website

Here are a few of the many benefits of having a blog on your website.


1. Blogs build trust

Blogging is an excellent way to show your customer that you’re not just in it for the money. A blog can show that you care about them and want them to succeed. By providing free information in your area of expertise, your customers learn to trust you and better understand what you’re all about. We talk even about this in an interview we did with Porch.com in this blog post about How to start a blog for your business tips from experts.


2. A blog is a place to store thorough information for your customers

A blog is a library of information that’s available to your customers and potential customers at any time. While there are plenty of different mediums for sharing helpful information with your customers, most are not as thorough (think social media channels) or easily accessible (think printed materials) as a blog. And once the information is written and published on your website, you can refer people to it anytime.


3. Blogs display your expertise in your field

Anyone can use their homepage to talk about how great their product or service is. Creating a blog, however, shows your readers that you know what you’re talking about. If you can write numerous valuable articles about your topic, it will be evident to web visitors that you’re someone who knows what they’re doing.


4. You can use your content over and over

Though writing blog posts does take time, you can continue to capitalize on your hard work for weeks, months, and years to come. Once you’ve put effort into creating valuable blog content, you can later use and repurpose that content for social media, podcasting, email marketing, and more.


5. It’s great for SEO

In terms of search engine optimization (being found by Google and other search engines), a blog is one of the best things that you can do for your website.

Search engines look for sites that are active. A blog gives you the opportunity to continually add fresh content. It shows Google that your site isn’t stagnant.

Blog posts also offer tons of opportunities to use your keywords and allow search engines to find you through those keywords. The more valuable content you have with relevant, low-competition keywords, the more your site will show up in search results.


6. Blogs convert leads into sales

Adding a clear call to action within your blog posts one of the best ways to turn leads into sales. A call to action could include asking readers to sign up for your email list or even to schedule an appointment with you.

After you’ve built trust through your offer of free information (through your post), you can continue to build your relationships through your blog or sales funnel and ultimately make more sales.


7. Your efforts compound over time

One of the best parts about having a blog is that your hard work actually continues to pay off and even compound over time if you blog with SEO in mind. This is because as your site generates traffic, Google will continue to show it more and more in search results. This produces a snowball effect that drives more and more traffic to your blog and website as the months and years go on.


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