Charities and Organizations Lifedge Supports: Living Out Our Core Values
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The charities and organizations Lifedge supports are seriously awesome. We love the work they’re doing, and want to spread the word about them! 

In this post, you’ll find a complete list of the charities and organizations we support, as well as a little information about our core values.


Generosity: One of Lifedge’s core values


One of our core values is generosity, and we want to lead our team by example in this. As a company, we’re dedicated to being generous with our time, knowledge, energy, and resources. Our goal is not only to show generosity to our clients but also to our team!

Each year, Lifedge is blessed with the means to give back financially to some organizations we truly believe in. One of the fun ways we do this is by asking our team members what nonprofits they’d like us to donate to! 

This past year, our team members suggested three awesome nonprofits that we were able to support:


Lifedge team’s favorite nonprofits


Grace Adventures: A year-round Christian organization that offers retreats, camps, and family gathering opportunities for growth and transformation.

Capuchin Soup Kitchen: A Detroit-based ministry that provides food, clothing, and development programs to those in need.

There’s Always Room: A charity that supports foster parents by providing resources, clothing, and supplies for the arrival of new children into their homes. 


Other charities and organizations Lifedge supports


In addition to the nonprofits suggested by our team members, Lifedge supports several more amazing charities and organizations that mean a lot to us as a company. Here they are:

Grace Christian University: A university in Grand Rapids, MI dedicated to equipping their students for effective Christian living. 

Grace Ministries International: A global missionary-sending organization committed to sharing God’s grace with the world.

The Grace Gospel Fellowship: A support system for pastors, boards, and churches in the Grace network.

Iglesia Bíblica de la Gracia:  A Grace church in Costa Rice (Lifedge CEO Oscar’s home country). 

Paradise Bound Ministries: A Michigan-based ministry working in Guatemala to spread the Gospel and care for the needy.

Rush Creek Bible Church: Lifedge founders Oscar and Terrah’s church! Part of the Grace network. 

We’re so thankful for the work these groups are doing, and highly recommend them to you if you’re looking for someone to support! 


Organizations we sponsor


Lifedge is also honored to sponsor several local organizations. We’re sponsors of:

Byron Center Chamber of Commerce 

West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Balanced Leadership Center

Homeschool Performing Arts

We’re excited to have so many awesome charities and organizations around us doing good work.

Do you know of a nonprofit in the area that should be on our list? Let us know in the comments!


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