9 Email Content Ideas for Your Business
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Email is one of the best ways to stay connected with your audience. Once you have their email address, you can send them news, special offers, and anything else you want them to know. Even if they don’t read all of your emails, seeing your name in their inbox reminds them that you exist and maybe can even make their life better. Here are 9 email content ideas for your business to get you started.

Why is email marketing important?

Nearly everyone has an email address. Capitalizing on the opportunity to get into your audience’s inbox is a chance you won’t want to miss.

Here are just a few reasons why email marketing is important:

  • Marketing email generally sees high conversion rates
  • Email marketing tools make it easy to measure success
  • It’s cheap (it can even be free to start)
  • You can segment your audience for more targeted marketing

In addition, email marketing is super easy to automate. This means you focus on it when you have the time, and then let your campaign run its course.

How often should you send an email to your email list?

A good rule of thumb is to send an email once per week. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, though. If you have quality content to share, a little more often could work. Pay attention to your audience and what works for them. Check your analytics to see what type of emails they’re opening and responding to.

Most importantly, be consistent. It’s generally not a good idea to blast your email list with a dozen emails and then send nothing for weeks. Choose a schedule and stick to it.

How do I come up with email content?

An email every week can add up to a lot of content. We know that it’s easy to hit writers block and feel stuck when it comes to ideas. So, we’re going to share 9 email content ideas for your business to help you send out quality content in no time.

What is the best email marketing software?

There are lots of options out there when it comes to email marketing software. Most offer a free plan for getting started when you have a limited number of subscribers. Here are the best email marketing software platforms for 2022.

Email newsletter content ideas

Here are some ideas for emails that you can send out on a regular basis.

1. Company news

What’s new within your company? Share it with your readers! This could be business-based, such as a customer success story, or more personal, like the announcement of a new team member.

2. Featured product or sale

What’s popular this week or month? Do you have a product or service on sale that you want your customers to know about? Send them an email!

3. Blog posts

If you have a blog you keep up, send your posts out to your customers. Let them know how the post can help them and give them the link to find it easily.

Quick email content ideas to send your customers

Need to send some emails that don’t take much time to write or create? Here are a few suggestions.

4. Reviews

Share customer success stories with your email audience! You can use a written or video review that you already have. Stick it in an email and let your audience know what other people are saying about your product or service.

5. A list of open positions

Hiring? Let your readers know! You never know who will be a perfect fit. Just write a quick note to your readers and link it to your page of open positions.

6. A look behind the scenes

What’s going on in the real, everyday life of your business? Send your audience a snapshot to help them connect with you on a more personal level.

Engaging email content ideas to send your customers

7. FAQ emails

You know what questions are common to your business, so why not help your audience out by answering the most common ones you hear? Ask them to reply to your email with any other questions they might have. You can help your customers get answers while gathering more content ideas! Win-win.

8. Roundup emails

Roundup emails are a perfect way to offer already-created content to your readers. Put together a list of the best resources on a topic or your favorite products. You can link to your own content or to another authority in your field.

9. Story emails

Who doesn’t love a good story? People connect with personal stories and real-life experiences. Write down some personal thoughts about something applicable to your industry. Tell them something you’ve learned or something valuable that you’ve been thinking about. Your readers will love it!

Want more tips and email content ideas for your business?

We wrote a whole post full of tips, ideas, and suggestions about what your email campaigns should accomplish. Check it out here. 

If you need help with email marketing, we’re here for you. Find out more about our email marketing services here, or schedule a meeting today. 

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