The Evergreen Value of SEO
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What is the evergreen value of SEO? Focusing on evergreen content in your SEO endeavors can bring you increasing benefits for years to come. As you create content, it’s important to make sure that it’s not only optimized for SEO, but also that much of it is evergreen.

What does evergreen mean in marketing?

If you’ve spent some time in marketing, you’ve probably heard of the term “evergreen”. Evergreen content is content that is continuously relevant. This type of content stays “fresh” rather than becoming easily outdated.

Having evergreen content is a key to success when it comes to marketing. If you’re going to put time and effort into creating content and marketing materials, you’ll want to make sure that it will last and be useful to your customers for months and years to come. Focus your energy on creating content that always stays fresh and relevant for your audience.

What is SEO evergreen content?

Evergreen content is sustainable and lasting. It is content that will be useful to your audience for an extended period of time. Evergreen content does not easily go out of date. In terms of SEO, this means that your content can drive traffic to your site for a long time to come.

Creating evergreen content is incredibly important when it comes to thinking about SEO. As you consider creating search-optimized content, you’ll want to find ideas that will stay relevant and bring long-term traffic to your site.

Why is evergreen content important for SEO?

Evergreen content is almost always important. However, it’s especially important when you are optimizing for SEO.

As you’re choosing the keywords you want to rank for, you’ll want to find evergreen keywords to use. This way, your content will be able to be found long into the future. Before you pick a keyword, be sure to do your keyword research to optimize for searchable content.

Evergreen content only works for SEO when you use content and keywords for which people are actually searching. No matter how long-lasting or even helpful your content may be, if people aren’t searching for it, it won’t help anyone—neither you nor your audience! The evergreen value of SEO is that when you do create valuable content for well-optimized keywords, you’ll only see the benefits grow on your site as the months and years pass.

Evergreen content examples:

If you’re not sure what type of content works well for evergreen purposes, here are some examples. First, let’s focus in on what type of content is NOT evergreen.


Evergreen content is (generally) NOT:

  • News articles
  • Product announcements
  • Statistics or infographics that are likely to change
  • Information about holidays or seasons that will quickly go out of date
  • Pop fads or current culture trends

Evergreen content (generally) IS:

  • Lists
  • Tips
  • Tutorials and how-tos
  • FAQs
  • Product reviews
  • Videos
  • Testimonials

Tips for writing evergreen content for SEO:

Now that you have some ideas for what type of content is evergreen, we’re going to discuss some tips for writing great content that will help you to utilize the evergreen value of SEO.

  • Repurpose your top content. For example, if you have a blog post tutorial that did really well last year, try making a video on the same topic to reach a different group of people. You already worked hard to create useful content for your blog post, so why not use that content again to offer even more value? Perhaps you did a fantastic interview with an industry expert and put it out to your audience in podcast form. Can you turn that interview into an e-book? For more ideas, check out our blog post, Why and How to Repurpose Your Content
  • Link posts together. If you’re writing on a more involved topic, such as “How to Be Successful at Hiring New Employees”, break the topic up into smaller pieces and link them to one another. For example, you could write about, “Knowing Your Ideal Candidate”, “How to Use Indeed”, “How to Portray Your Company in the Best Light”, and “How to Conduct a Background Check”. Guiding readers to different posts within your site is great for SEO.

  • Narrow your topic. In this way, you can rank for long-tail keywords rather than highly-searched keywords that will be much more difficult for which to rank. For example, instead of writing about “Home Maintenance”, pick a more specific topic, such as “How Often to Replace Your Furnace Air Filter”. With a narrower topic, you’ll not only rank higher, but you’ll also be able to more easily keep the interest of your readers. Many readers don’t have the time for a longer piece with a broad topic.

Mix up your content

While capitalizing on the evergreen value of SEO is extremely beneficial for your site, you shouldn’t rely exclusively on evergreen content. Although a post about Christmas won’t be highly searched all year long, it could drive a lot of traffic to your site during the winter months. It’s very adventageous to optimize for SEO, but you also need to keep in mind that your readers are human. Make sure that your content is truly helpful to your readers rather than only thinking about what search engines like to see.

Is your website being found?

If you’re frustrated that the content you’ve worked so hard on isn’t being found, it could be time to call in an SEO expert. Keep in mind that ranking highly on Google does take time. Keep creating valuable content, being active on your site, doing keyword research and using long-tail keywords, and staying on top of updates, such as your hours and location. If you’re doing all of these things, it could simply be that patience is needed.

However, if your site isn’t well-optimized for SEO, your chances of being found are quite low.

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