The Lifedge Story (Plus, How We Got Our Name!)
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The Lifedge story begins with Oscar and Terrah Quesada. They didn’t just get Lifedge started; they remain the heart and soul of the company as we grow and develop.

Oscar and Terrah have been on the Lifedge journey for over 6 years now, so we thought it was time to share the history of how we came to be! 

Without further ado, here’s the Lifedge story, in Terrah’s own words:


The Lifedge Story


2016 was quite a year for the Quesada family. 

Oscar and I checked a few items off our bucket list in August. We finally went backpacking in Europe – for two and a half weeks! In early September, we purchased our first home, and a few weeks later found out we were expecting our first child (!!!). 

Shortly after the new year, we were shocked to learn that Oscar’s employer, Family Christian Book Stores, had declared bankruptcy. Oscar’s position as their UX and Web Designer would come to an end by March 2017.


Unexpected opportunity


It was through these circumstances that Oscar revived his life-long dream of owning his own web design company. With a new mortgage to consider and our first child on the way, this probably wasn’t the most well-advised strategy! Yet there we were in late February of 2017, taking time away together at a cute Bed & Breakfast (Carriage House at the Harbor!) in South Haven, Michigan, days from Oscar’s termination – brainstorming and dreaming about the future. 

Here’s a picture of us from that time:

Oscar and Terrah Quesada

We discussed Oscar’s vision for why he had always dreamt of building his own company. His desire to use his knowledge and abilities to help other business owners find success was evident and inspiring. As Oscar wrote in Lifedge’s 5th Anniversary post, “Our focus isn’t necessarily to simply give you an edge over your competitors. It’s about being successful with your own business.”

Through these conversations, we discovered our shared heart for generosity – a desire to live with open hands. We spoke with excitement about the possibility of offering financial support to various missionaries, ministries, and nonprofits. And we dreamed of the day when we would have the means to make a difference through generosity – and how, perhaps, building a business might open the door to that dream. 


How Lifedge got its name


As we discussed potential names for this new business venture, a few themes came up again and again. Identity, integrity, empowerment, and “getting an edge” were the ideas that stuck in our minds. We came up with a variety of name ideas based on these themes. Here are a few we tossed around: EmpowerID, IdentEdge, DigitalID, LifeEdge…. 

And a screenshot of our brainstorming notes from that weekend:

Lifedge name ideas

In the end, “Lifedge” (with only one “e”) won the day! 


Becoming business owners


We returned home from that getaway with a renewed sense of direction and a positive outlook. But there was still a lot of work to do. Right away, we started researching what we would need to get started. There were legal considerations, addressing branding, and embarking on the marketing process to establish the foundation of a new business. And that’s just to name a few!

Pretty soon, we had a newly developed logo, style guide, and website. Next, we moved to register Lifedge as an LLC, applied for Oscar’s EIN, and began searching for potential clients. 

On Friday, March 14th, 2017, Oscar walked out of the once-bustling corporate office of Family Christian Book Stores for the last time and into the unknown: the uphill battle of sole proprietorship

6 years, 3 kids, and a few dozen amazing clients later – we’re sure glad he did! Today, the Lifedge family has grown to include 13 awesome team members. Click here to see their lovely faces!


We want to hear your story, too


The Lifedge story is ultimately about the birth of a company dedicated to helping our clients achieve success online. Do you feel like your marketing is falling flat? We’d love to help! Book a meeting with us today and tell us your story, your vision, and your goals for your business. Our digital marketing might just be the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

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Sarah Harder

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