Weekly Digital Marketing Routines
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In order to stay on top of your digital marketing strategies, having some routines are absolutely key to success. We’re going to go over some weekly digital marketing routines that will allow you to keep up with your campaigns and make the most of your marketing strategies.



  • Check SEO
  • Check Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Tailor your content


Social media

  • Make sure your content calendar is up to date
  • Check that all information is accurate
  • Respond to messages and comments


Email campaigns

  • Make sure you have emails scheduled
  • Check your stats
  • Clean out your email list


Set goals

(a vital step to business success!)


First things first: what’s your strategy?


Before you can have routines that work, it’s necessary to have a clear plan for both your business and for your marketing. We’re StoryBrand certified, and we believe strongly that if your message isn’t clear, people aren’t going to listen.

For this reason, some of the absolute most important tasks you can accomplish for your business are deciding who you can help and how. What problem are you solving for your customer?

Once you have your message nailed down, then you can begin really honing in on your marketing strategies, such as a website, blog, social media channels, email campaigns, and more.

(If you’re not sure whether your message is clear or how to ensure that it is, we can help – it’s what we do! Book a meeting today.)


Weekly digital marketing routines


Alright, you’ve clarified your message.

You have a website.

You’ve started a blog.

You have the right social media channels.

You’ve created a lead generator and have email campaigns running.

Now, how do you keep them all up and running effectively? Routines are what make it possible! Let’s dive into some of the most important digital marketing routines for keeping all of your marketing channels as productive as possible.




Your website is your home base. It’s where most (or all) of your important information is stored. When a customer visits your website, they can find out what you do, how you can help them, and more about the services you provide. They should be able to easily find out how to contact you, book a meeting, and visit your location (if applicable).

An effective website also allows new leads to find you via search engines. Because of this, it’s incredibly important that your site is search engine optimized and comes up in search results. If web users can’t find you online, your website is ineffective.


Check on your SEO


To allow users to find you, it’s very important to make sure that your website is not only optimized, but stays that way. Take time to look through your web pages and make sure that they’re all optimized. Tools like Yoast are incredibly helpful.

(Not sure how your site is doing in regards to SEO? We offer a free SEO assessment of your website.)


Check Google Analytics and Google Search Console


If you don’t have these important tools installed for your website, do that right away. They’re free, and are some of the very best ways to see how your content is doing at attracting an audience. You’ll also find dozens of insights that will help you to decide how to tailor your website to attract more visitors.

It’s important to check these sites regularly to see traffic trends and respond accordingly.


Tailor your content


After you use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to check your site’s performance, you can adjust as needed. This might mean capitalizing on or adding links or content to pages that are performing well, updating your keyword strategy, or adding specific blog posts.


Social media


Next up, social media. Social media is an excellent way to connect with your customers. However, it takes plenty of time and effort. When it comes to social media, “winging it” isn’t a good strategy. On the contrary, successful social media accounts stay on top of consistent posting, updating pertinent information, and engaging with users. Here are some important routines for making the most of your social media channels.


Make sure your content calendar is up to date


Again, “winging it” usually doesn’t work for social media! Both the algorithms and your users will respond better to consistent posting, whether this means three times a day or twice a week. Keep it consistent. Don’t post every day and then ghost your followers for weeks at a time.

Content calendar tools such as Airtable or Monday.com are incredibly helpful for making sure that you stay up to date on posting on social media.


Check that all your information is accurate


Since many of your followers will see your social media channels long before they’re familiar with your website, it’s very important to keep any pertinent information on your social media channels up to date. In fact, some of your followers might never go to your website – social media is the first place that many people look!

Check the information sections of your social media channels. Make sure that your phone number, email address, physical address (if applicable), menu (if applicable) and hours of operation are up to date. Check that your web address is correct, too. Make any changes needed to ensure that users have all the correct information on your brand.


Respond to messages and comments


This should actually be a daily routine more than a weekly routine. Algorithms love engaged accounts. Plus, loyal followers are developed through engagement! Show your followers that you care by responding to their messages and comments in a timely manner.

(We know that staying up-to-date on social media can be difficult and time-consuming! If you’re considering hiring a social media manager, check out this list of questions to ask before you seal the deal.)


Email campaigns


Next up, email campaigns. Email marketing is incredible for connecting with your customers and reminding them that you exist and can help them.


Make sure you have emails scheduled


An automated email campaign is just that: automated. With effective email marketing, you can nurture relationships and connect with your clients while you sleep, vacation, or play with your kids.

However, this requires making sure that your campaigns are updated, subscribers are subscribed to the correct campaigns, and emails are scheduled in advance.

Not sure what to include in your emails? Check out these 9 easy email content ideas.


Check your stats


Before you go creating new email content, however, it’s extremely helpful to see what emails have performed well. Email marketing platforms provide lots of great information to allow you to see your open rates, clicks, and more when it comes to your emails. Take the time to check this information out to see which emails readers find the most helpful and why. Then, you can create more helpful and beneficial email content from there.


Clean out your email list


Lastly, it’s important to clear your email list of invalid addresses and bots. A mail tester, such as MailerCheck is just one option for doing so.

If you find that a lot of your emails are not being opened, you may need to make some changes to the way you construct, create, and write your emails. Check out these important tips for how to stop your emails from going to spam.


Set goals


Lastly, take time in your weekly routine to set goals. Take a look at your past week. How effective have you been? What changes do you need to make?

Then, think through your coming week and make your goals accordingly. What do you hope to accomplish this week? Remember to be realistic. Goals and a plan are so vital for maximum productivity!


How are your weekly digital marketing routines going?


Do you have set weekly routines for your business?

We know that business owners have a ton on their plates. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines are essential for keeping everything moving along smoothly.

Still, in many (if not most) cases, it’s just not possible to do everything on your own! If you’re struggling to keep up with your digital marketing duties and routines, we’re here to help. From website development to SEO to social media to email marketing and more, we’re here to help your business succeed. Book a meeting today, or check out all of our digital marketing services.

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