Why and How to Repurpose Your Content
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There are lots of ways to take your existing content and repurpose it. That previous content that you spent time and money creating is far from useless!

Why you should repurpose your content

  • You’ll reach a new audience. Repurposing content into different formats and platforms will allow you to reach a larger audience. By repurposing, you can get your valuable information into the hands (or eyeballs) of as many people as possible.
  • You’ll save time and money. Depending on what you’re creating, it can take anywhere from 1 to 10 hours (or even more) to produce a piece of content. Make the most of your efforts by using that information more than once. You’ll solidify your message and make your time even more worth it as you reach more people.
  • You can boost your SEO. Creating multiple pieces from similar content will allow you to make even better use of your keywords. By repurposing, you can target these keywords better and hopefully increase your odds of being seen. Having lots of quality content will also make you more recognizable and credible to search engines like Google.
  • You’ll position yourself as a capable guide. Always remember, your goal is to be the client’s guide, not their hero. THEY (the client) are the hero. When you continue to get your message across in a variety of formats, your clients will start to recognize that you exist and can help them.

7 ways to repurpose your content

Ebook or lead generator -> Blog post

An existing ebook or lead generator can be shortened and turned into a more easily digestible blog post. Even ideas for lead generators that have not yet been executed can be great for this.

Blog posts  -> Podcasts

Because blog posts are generally less than 2000 words, there’s often a lot of expanding that can be done. Try converting some of your blog posts to podcasts, and reach a whole new audience.

Statistics -> Twitter posts

You likely have some valuable and interesting statistics about your industry. Statistics make for great Twitter posts! Try sharing these as tweets, or adding click to tweet at the end of some of your stats.

Testimonials -> Social media content

Testimonials are perfect social media content. They show your clients how you’ve helped others and how you can help them, too. Just make sure to clearly communicate that your client  — not you — is the hero in the story. You’re just here to help them succeed.

Webinar -> Video series

You hosted a killer webinar with tons of attendees. You’re feeling great about helping so many people. Why not share the information with many more? A month, a year, and three years from now, there will be tons of people who didn’t even know that your webinar was happening. Turn that information into a video or video series on your YouTube channel. Your content will live forever, and you may even get some new YouTube subscribers.

Blog posts -> Infographics

Time constraints and the wordy nature of blogs make blog posts a no-go for some people. Condense your previous blog post into an infographic, and reach a whole new audience with the quick, catchy information. You can always link to the blog post in case they want to know more.

Interviews -> Ebooks

If you’ve interviewed an industry expert, use that valuable information to the fullest. Go back and jot down all the valuable information from that interview and turn it into an ebook.

Types of content to repurpose

When you’re looking for content to repurpose, keep an eye out for these three types of content:

  • Evergreen content. Repurpose information that is always valuable to your readers. For example, your infographic, “How to Vote in the 2008 Election”, is no longer helpful.
  • Content that has performed well. Look for content with lots of interaction, as an indicator that it was helpful to your readers or listeners.
  • Content that needs updating. If you shared information that you now know more about, or a piece that needs specific portions updated, repurpose it!

While you’ll be using the same basic information for your repurposed content, make sure to add new value. Your repurposed content shouldn’t be the same exact content in a different format. Make the information new, creative, and helpful to your customers.

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