Do I Need to Hire a Professional for Video Marketing?
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Wondering if you need a professional for video marketing, or if you can do it yourself? In this article, we’ll give some good reasons to hire a professional, and some tips if you decide to DIY.

If you read our recent post, 5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business, you’ve probably started thinking about doing some video marketing. Video is a powerful tool for your business, and good video marketing will put you ahead of the competition. 

But what are the reasons to hire a professional for video marketing rather than to create your own video content?


Benefits of hiring a professional for video marketing


While it is possible to make your own video marketing content, there are a lot of pros to hiring a professional. Here are a few reasons why we recommend it:


1. Video marketing requires equipment


Unlike most other types of marketing, video marketing can be difficult to do yourself. One reason for this is that to create high-quality videos, you’ll need some equipment. At the very least, you will probably need a DSLR camera, tripod, microphone, and computer. Not only that, but you also need someone who knows how to use them! If you hire a professional for video marketing, they’ll come with all the tools necessary, plus the skill to use them.


2. It takes experience to make good videos


Just like any other skill, it takes practice to produce quality video content. You need to know how to use all your equipment, how to write a good script, how to stage and film a video, and how to edit it so it’s ready for release. Developing these skills takes time that a lot of businesses simply don’t have. 


3. Hiring a professional for video marketing will help your social media


One of the benefits of using a professional for your video marketing is that they already know how to capture your audience’s attention through video. A few quality videos on your social media will go a long way towards attracting potential customers and driving up audience engagement. 

For a better understanding of why it’s so helpful for your business to have a strong social media presence, check out this article: Social Media Marketing for Businesses: Is It Actually Important?


4. You can focus on your business rather than marketing


If running your business is anything like ours, then we know there’s a lot on your plate. Your team is focused on delivering the best possible products and services to your existing customers. Imagine what a relief it would be if while all this was going on, you had a professional for video marketing who was handling everything on their end, thereby freeing you up to focus on the business. Sometimes, it’s best to leave it to the pros! 


Tips for doing your own video marketing


Want to create your own video content for your business? Here are 3 tips to help you out!


1. Keep it short


These days, short videos go a long way. Capturing your audience’s attention is one of your primary goals with video marketing, so challenge yourself to keep videos under 5 minutes or so. 


2. Answer customer questions


As you choose topics to make videos about, focus on answering your customer’s questions. Think about common questions you get about your company and products, and create videos with helpful information to answer those questions. 


3. Make a schedule


One of the best ways to grow your business through video marketing is to release video content on a consistent schedule. This way, your audience will know when to anticipate content from you and will be more likely to interact with and share it. 

If you need inspiration, this article has some great ideas for marketing videos to get you started. 


Interested in hiring a professional for video marketing?


If you feel a little overwhelmed by the work it takes to make your own marketing videos, we understand. Not every business has the time and resources to learn how to shoot video that looks professional and attracts customers.

Lifedge is here to help! We’re passionate about creating high-quality digital marketing content to help your business achieve success online. 

Take a look at the video marketing we offer, and book a meeting with us today to get started. 

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