Lifedge’s 6th Anniversary
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It’s Lifedge’s 6th anniversary! 

We’ve had another great year helping businesses achieve success online, and to celebrate, we wanted to hear from our team. The question we asked is, “What do you love about working at Lifedge?” 

Here are a few of our answers:

“I love the environment and team we have! And I love how much we care and want the best for our clients. Lifedge has taught me that the best part of any business is the relationships you make and keep. I am proud to contribute to a company that cares so much!” Regan, Creative Specialist


“Working with Lifedge has been an incredible journey filled with inspiring leadership, a nurturing family-like environment, unwavering faith, and ample space for creative expression. Oscar’s remarkable leadership has consistently guided and supported us toward our goals, fostering an atmosphere of growth and empowerment. This, coupled with a strong sense of community, has made Lifedge feel like a second family, where colleagues uplift and inspire each other. Furthermore, everyone’s commitment to quality has pushed boundaries and delivered exceptional results that we can be truly proud of. It’s awesome.” Nik, Photographer



“It was a great day back in February of 2021 when I first spoke with Oscar. We had a great discussion on how we could partner together to help clients improve the user experience for their website visitors. Over the past many months, there have been a variety of challenges in our efforts to help our clients in their digital marketing efforts. Happily, every member of the Lifedge team has risen to these challenges in a professional manner that truly benefits our clients. Looking forward to our summer “putt-putt” golf outing that Oscar and Terrah host. Congratulations to all on the 6-year anniversary!” Joe, SEO Expert


“There is so much to love about Lifedge that it’s hard to choose! One of my favorite parts about working for Lifedge is that Oscar & Terrah truly care for both the team and our clients. While the work is important, the people are even more important! I also love the work I do for our clients, and enjoy the opportunities to be constantly learning!” Marissa, Senior Copywriter


“I haven’t been at Lifedge for long, but I love coming to work every day because of the team. Everyone supports and cares for one another, and has a positive and energetic attitude about their role. This excitement and positivity are the result of the outstanding leadership we’re given. I am very excited about working at Lifedge!” Shea, Social Media Manager


Lifedge is such a special company because the founders, Oscar and Terrah, have a real heart for serving others. I love to see not only the way they care for us as a team but also how much they want our customers to thrive! I’m so thankful for Lifedge’s 6th anniversary and I can’t wait for another great year together!” Sarah, Content Designer


“Lifedge has a diverse culture that invites creative collaboration and problem-solving. I love working with Lifedge because they set clear and actionable goals while valuing my expert opinion in video production and marketing.” Brady, Videographer


“What I enjoy most about being part of Lifedge is the amazing team of people who make being at the office both enjoyable and fulfilling! We laugh a lot! Everyone on the team lends a helping hand, openly shares ideas, and goes above and beyond for one another and our clients. I look forward to being at work because of the people I get to work with!” Terrah, Communications Director


“I love working at Lifedge because of the great environment, the union of the team, and the very encouraging leadership. At the same time, getting to know the stories behind our clients is fantastic! All these things together make me more encouraged to come to work and do my best. Plus, I have a lot of fun with all these people!” Thalita, Digital Marketing Specialist


Lifedge is a great place to be


Can you tell we love working at Lifedge?

Our talented team and fun work environment make Lifedge a great place to be. And most importantly, our clients can tell that we care about them and want them to succeed!

If you want to know more about Lifedge’s history, check out our 5-year anniversary post

Thanks for helping us celebrate Lifedge’s 6th anniversary! Until next time! 


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