We are Lifedge: Part Two
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Today, we are continuing our blog series about our team. We’re excited to introduce you to two more of our fantastic team members! Lifedge is a unique company that contracts its team. We wanted to give you an opportunity to see the incredible people behind the projects we do. If you missed our blog last week, make sure you check it out to meet our Media Specialist and Graphic Designer.

Up first this week is Luci!



Luci works here at Lifedge as our Project Manager. Basically, Luci is the bridge between the clients and the Lifedge team. She aims to communicate and delegate tasks in order for projects to be done as efficiently and effectively as possible. Luci has known Lifedge owner, Oscar, since she was seven years old. She has always loved how much he advocates for giving-back — even in uncertain times. Luci also appreciates the people-oriented atmosphere at Lifedge. She believes that it’s important to not just focus on the assignment, but also to get to know our clients personally in order to really understand how we can best serve them and make their goals achievable.

Outside of her work at Lifedge, Luci is a big fan of the outdoors and trying new things. She is always up to explore, hike and travel. Her dream is to go to both Alaska and Hawaii. Though she wishes she was able to teleport to do it all on the same vacation, but she hasn’t honed-in on this superpower yet. Thankfully though, she is incredibly structured and organized — a huge help for the team. Plus, she’s bilingual, which is a superpower for her at Lifedge as it allows her to work on projects easily for all sorts of clients we serve.

Coming up next, meet Camden!


Camden is our youngest team member and started at Lifedge as an intern. He works in Website Support and is in charge of fixing issues, bugs, and errors that clients have on their websites. He has always loved working with computers, and Lifedge has given him the chance to learn new skills and help plenty of people in the meantime. On top of all this, he’s still a senior in high school. Pretty impressive!

In his spare time, you can find Camden playing video games, listening to music, kayaking, or disc golfing (but maybe not all at the same time). Plus he’s also subtly a third-degree black belt. Camden brings a lot of positivity to the team and is patient and hardworking.

Reach out to us today!

There are so many incredible qualities each person brings to the team here at Lifedge, and we still have one more blog coming next week. Lifedge aims to bring you high-quality content that meets your needs. We want to join your team to make your website, marketing, and overall online presence stronger. Don’t hesitate! Reach out today and let our team join you!

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