Digital Marketing 

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the different avenues available to you in digital world and the online marketing? We know that digital marketing can be tricky to navigate, so we offer plenty of customized packages and plans to get you started and keep you going. Don’t waste time and money on digital marketing efforts that aren’t converting. We’re here to help and happy to do so!
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Email Marketing Campaigns

Once you capture an email address, you should create an automated email sequence that onramps that prospect to your product or service. We’ll help you create nurture or sales emails campaigns that can turn into a 24/7 salesforce.

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Social Media Marketing

If you’re just getting started or want new ways to beat out competitors, let our team help you get the edge you need in social media. Thinking about the audience, reach and how this connect with your story we will create a strategy second to none for your brand.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our team of experts have over 12 years of SEO experience.  We utilize all of the Google tools including: Google Analytics, Google Search Console and your Google Business Listing as well as the Screaming Frog SEO tool. Our goal is to optimize your Title tags coupled with a strong value proposition Meta Description to enhance your organic search results. We use our tools to review the keywords your competitors utilize so that we can deliver a strong performance over them. There is no charge for the first review and consultation.

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Website Design

This is a complete build or revamps of your current website. We specialize in WordPress but are happy to help make any website both functional and well-designed. We will connect your website with a lead generator so we can connect your leads with your business.

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Book a 30-minute meeting with us and get a Free Marketing Assessment Review of your website and/or marketing collateral. 

What You Get:


A plan or package customized exactly to your needs


A strategy to achieve success online 


A team of experts excited and eager to work within your team 

Digital Marketing- The Lifedge Way

Get to know your company:

We’d love to know as much as possible about your company. Your goals, dreams, and aspirations for the website.

Get to know what you like:

We’ll ask you to provide examples of material that you absolutely love in order to learn about your style and know what to aim for.

Hands On:

We will create a proposal and get to work to make sure you’re satisfied with the final product.

Story Brand Certified Guide


As a Story Brand Certified Guide, we will help your brand to have a clear message through all platforms that will make your business thrive in the marketplace. 


What is Story Brand?

StoryBrand is a marketing framework that will help you communicate clearly what you offer because it will simplify and remove any confusion from your brand message.

Story Brand Certified Online Marketing Guide - Oscar Quesada

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